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Date: 27th July 2018
Saccharin Food Additive
Sodium Saccharin food additiveWidely used for sweetening purpose,Website:http://www.chinasaccharin.com, used in canned food, beverages, preserved food, or confectionary.?1. Examples in food industry:??? Hard and Soft Candy?? Jams and Jellies?? Chewable candy and tablet??? Confections and Frostings?? Table-top sweeteners?? Chewing gum? Dry-mix products?? Fruit spreads?? Frozen desserts?? Salad dressing2. High sweetness, zero calories, it will not be metabolized by the body, and not to increase blood sugar. Suitable for people who avoid sugar.3. The mesh sizes are the regular and medium size grained crystals of saccharin sodium pillet, showing white or transparent diamond crystals with a beautiful surface. Loss of water affects its transparency.4.Stable and long shelf life.?PropertiesChemical Name?Sodium O-Benzoic SulfimideMolecule ExpressionC7H4NO3SNa?2H2OMolecule Weight?241.20Appearance?White crystallineContent Assay?99.23%Water content ?1%Loss ? on Drying?15%Acidity ? or AlkalinityPass testBenzoate ? and SalicylateNo precipitationPackageRegular 25kg/bag, customizable.
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